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Dating cards fuse physical & virtual connections

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In a variation on online dating, two new concepts allow people to connect online after first meeting (briefly) in the physical world. Canadian Admit an Attraction prints Attraction Tickets for members (CDN 9.95 for a twelve-pack). Members hand out a ticket to someone they meet in public. A ticket receiver can then go online to check out the member’s profile using a unique access code, and get in touch if the attraction is mutual. Since the tickets don’t contain any personal information, both parties are guaranteed a level of privacy they wouldn’t have if they exchanged phone numbers or email addresses. Hitchoo, which recently launched in Singapore, works on the same principle, sending members cards with a friendly “You made my day” on the front, and access details on the back.The first 8 cards are free; 12 additional cards can be bought for SGD 18. How is the carding system different from regular online dating? Physical chemistry is established up front, not after endless online chats and emails. And since the receiving party doesn’t have to be a member of an online service, members have access to a larger pool of potential mates. Of course, a simpler route would be to ask for someone’s phone number. But for shy consumers or those who don’t want to divulge personal details to total strangers, dating cards could definitely work. One to start up locally, or to add to your offerings if you’re already in the matchmaking business. Spotted by: William Chiang



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