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From well-loved jeans, a one-of-a-kind smartphone case


When a well-loved pair of jeans shows the tell-tale signs of aging, one option is to call upon Denim Therapy for restoration. Alternatively, another route now available is to send in a back pocket from said ailing jeans and get a one-of-a-kind smartphone pocket in return. Dutch Deadjeans accepts the back pockets of beloved denim pants from all over the world. In return, it will fashion those pockets with felt lining and convert them into unique smartphone holders. Consumers need only carefully remove the pocket they have in mind — it must be at least 14cm high by 9cm wide — and mark the front and back of those pockets with stickers Deadjeans provides. They then send in the designated pocket and wait for Deadjeans to turn it into a smartphone holder; pricing including shipping is EUR 29.90. Currently, Deadjeans makes smartphone pockets for phones close in size to the iPhone 3G(s), the iPhone 4 and the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Countless beloved pairs of jeans around the world are wearing out right now, as we speak, ready to be upcycled when they’re no longer worn . Are you a crafty minipreneur who can turn them into something useful again…? (Related: Leather jackets remade into designer bagsLuxe upcycling: from cashmere sweaters to (very) soft toysFive businesses that turn trash into appealing new products.)



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