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Site aggregates offers from 'deal a day' providers


Bargain-minded consumers have no shortage of “deal a day” sites to choose from—the challenge now is staying abreast of them all. That means it’s time for a little aggregation, which is just what Dealradar offers. Launched in May, Chicago-based Dealradar is a free service that finds and reports on unique daily-deal offers from sites like Groupon and LivingSocial in more than 60 cities across the US, the UK, Australia and Canada. Drawing from more than 80 daily deal sites, Dealradar follows, indexes and classifies local deals and then delivers them to consumers in an aggregated manner, clearly organized by the type of product or service offered. Consumers can subscribe to Dealradar via email, Twitter, Facebook or RSS; a mobile app is also available. Either way, by using the service consumers stand to save the time it would take to peruse 15 or more individual daily e-mails to see every local offer, Dealradar says. When they find an offer they like, users can simply click on it to be directed to the site offering the deal; if they make a purchase, the partner site involved then shares an unspecified portion of those proceeds with Dealradar. With benefits not just for consumers but also for deal sites and the advertisers they represent, Dealradar promises to offer one of those all-too-rare win-win-wins. Coming soon, the company says, are expanded options for advertisers and partners; new cities are continually being added as well. Retailers, service providers and deal-site operators: one to get involved in! All others: one to emulate in your part of the deal-hungry world…? (Related: Online retailers install widget to enable group buyingShoppers team up for better deals.) Spotted by Chicago Sun-Times via Jim Stewart



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