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Decentralized cloud storage is safe from cyber snooping

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Open-source platform spreads data across a community of users, decreasing the risk of huge server failures.

Cloud storage is an incredibly convenient option, but many people are still put off from relying so heavily on a single provider. Storj is a decentralized platform, which keeps data spread across its network of users, eliminating the potential for snooping or huge failure. It has a blockchain-based cloud storage system that distributes the encrypted data amongst its users, but files can only be accessed if users are the owner.


The network uses its own cryptocurrency, called Storjcoin X, as well as Bitcoin and traditional currencies such as the dollar. Members of the community automatically get the amount of storage they contribute, but they can also rent out excess space to other users who need more than they can share, and get paid in cryptocurrency. The network is built from multiple sources, enabling it to provide a fast, safe and reliable service.

Could any other digital services be decentralized for increased security?

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