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Dedicated TV channel for dogs entertains pets while owners are away

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DOGTV is a 24/7 cable television channel which aims to keep pooches entertained. The channel features specialist programming developed using research from pet behavior experts.

Regular Springwise readers will remember Stayhound, which matches vacationing dog owners with local pet sitters, and the Hundehiet dog ‘lockers’ for Norwegian shoppers. Now DOGTV has launched a 24/7 cable television channel in San Diego which aims to keep pooches entertained with specialist programming. The company has worked with animal behavior researchers over the past few years in order to develop its content, aimed specifically at dogs. According to DOGTV, canines are happier when a television is on and the channel has been tested to ensure it captures a dog’s attention. It will be broadcasting three types of programs — calming sections to reduce animal anxiety, stimulating sections to keep dogs entertained and segments aimed at improving their behavior. The Humane Society of the United States has recognized the channel and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has also accepted its techniques. The concept aims to offer a solution for busy pet owners needing to spend time away from their pets and also to reduce the stress placed on dogs left at home alone. With detailed research backing its execution, this could be one to replicate elsewhere. Spotted by: Jim Stewart



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