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Delete food photo and charity campaign donates 11 meals

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Sponsored by Land O Lakes, Delete To Feed asks Instagram users to delete food photos, and for each deletion, donates 11 meals to Feeding America.

Running until mid-October, Delete To Feed’s goal is to donate 2.75 million meals across the United States. For every food post that an Instagram user deletes, Land O Lakes donates 11 meals. The meals are distributed to more than 200 food banks by the Feeding America charity.

To participate, Instagram users log in to their accounts from the Delete To Feed website. No personal information is stored, and the program simply counts the number of posts that are deleted. Donations are then calculated accordingly, with no limit to how many posts an individual can delete.

Hunger is an international problem, with every country affected. Yet millions of tons of food are wasted each year. Projects helping to bridge that gap include food markets in schools that provide free produce and a supermarket that only sells goods past their sell-by dates. How could entrepreneurs use technology to link or scale successful food waste projects?



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