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Agriculture service | Photo source Neil Palmet, USAID/Jake Lyell on Flickr

Delhi residents use Whats App to order farm produce

Work & Lifestyle is a service that provides produce directly from farms to consumers within 14 hours using WhatsApp to send orders and delivery instructions.

Created to help farmers earn a better living, is a New Delhi-based service that connects consumers directly to growers. Shoppers use WhatsApp to send an order and can include delivery instructions as well. has a number of collection centers located in villages outside New Delhi, allowing farmers to provide exact quantities as needed. Orders are fulfilled within 14 hours. currently offers fruits, vegetables, herbs and seasonings, and shoppers can order in half kilogram and kilogram units. For the most up-to-date prices at any time consumers can request a full price list, and alongside ordering via Whats App, offers a phone call and online ordering service.

As well as providing quality food, ordering direct from the farmer helps reduce food waste, a challenge for all areas of the food industry. In The Netherlands, a floating farm is providing locally reared dairy products, and a new DIY vertical garden is providing urban communities with a new way to green their spaces as well as provide fresh, locally grown food. How else could closer connections with consumers help small farmers?

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