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On-demand box cutter reduces packaging waste

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With Slimbox, users measure items, upload them via an app, and the machine laser cuts foldable packages to fit the item, reducing waste.

While we recently saw a lamp built using it’s own packaging, it’s more common to open a huge cardboard box only to find a small item buried deep within a ton of polystyrene. Slimbox is aiming to change that.


Before sending a package, users measure the dimensions of their item and enter the information into the Slimbox app. This data is then used to model the minimum viable package for that item, and is uploaded to the Slimbox machine. A flat piece of cardboard is fed into the machine, which is laser cut to form a single foldable package the user can easily assemble, with the ability to also turn any additional offcuts into protective padding. Slimbox are targeting small businesses, who could save money on excessive packaging and storage by always having the smallest boxes for their stock.

Could packaging also be 3D printed out of biodegradable materials?



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