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On demand services for Seniors without smartphones

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US-based startup brings on demand services to Seniors without smartphones.

The baby boom generation is estimated to number roughly 80,000,000 people – a large demographic, many of whom are affluent consumers but not all of whom have access to the technology their young relatives take for granted.  We’ve seen a broad range of innovations aimed at bridging this gap from QR tags that help alzheimer sufferers find their way home, to wearables that help with incontinence or osteoporosis to an IoT button that provides on demand, in person support to family members struggling with their technology. Now GoGoGrandparent offers this demographic, many of whom don’t have smartphones, the opportunity to use on demand services.

The idea was born when co-founder, Justin Boogaard, ordered an Uber whilst with his grandmother. When she asked him how she could order taxis like that, and Boogaard explained she needed to have a smartphone, his grandmother challenged him to start a company that allowed her to access the service.

The smartphone-less customer can call an operator and order the service they want, scheduling a ride or ordering from a menu. But importantly, the service can also provides relatives with live updates as to their loved one’s progress; for example, a notification when the taxi arrives. The service can also inform customers if anything unusual is noticed about their loved one’s health. GoGoGrandparent charges a 13% commission on each ride, as well as a USD 1.80 fee to cover their back-end costs.

GoGoGrandparent plans to expand its services adding in a grocery delivery service and the option of having a caretaker check in on how the senior is doing. Are there other sections of society who could benefit from personal help to access on demand services?



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