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Drag and drop platform for creating robot prototypes


Magzor’s Mechatronics Design Platform lets users test modular robot designs while suggesting circuit layouts.

We’ve seen electric circuits enter the maker movement for engineering hobbyists. Now, Magzor is helping makers build complex modular robots with their Mechatronics Design Platform (MDP).

The MDP is a free online workspace that comes with sophisticated assistance. It houses a graphic library of all the components a user would need to build a robot — from control panels to fully operational robotic arms. Users select the components they think they’ll need for a project by drag and drop, and the platform fills in the gaps to make a viable proof-of-concept prototype. An interactive schematic then shows how the components should be arranged in space and suggests connections that are necessary to make it work. Once completed, users can purchase parts to make their robot from Magzor’s online shop, which provides Raspberry Pi starter kits from USD 189.98.

Magzor’s platform enables users to overcome a lot of the technical detail that comes with embedded development, they can instead just address what they want their robot to do. Could proof-of-concept platforms be used for makers in other industries, such as architectural or furniture design?



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