Innovation That Matters

Design-your-own protein shakes


Other contenders may have emerged since we wrote about You Bar’s custom-made energy bars earlier this year, but the Los Angeles company appears to be working hard to stay ahead. Most recently, it expanded its offerings with a new line of design-your-own protein shakes. Customers interested in ordering You Shakes begin by specifying up to three protein powders they want included, choosing from among egg white, soy, rice and whey. Next they select cocoa or organic vanilla flavouring–or both–and whether they want organic strawberries or bananas mixed in. Sweetener choices include organic brown sugar cane juice, organic evaporated cane juice or Splenda, and available infusions are vitamins, creatine, spirulina, stevia, bee pollen, fibre, nutritional yeast or a weight-loss blend. For every option customers can request more, less or the normal amount, as well as making special requests. As with You Bars, they can also give their custom-created shake a name. Pricing begins at USD 2.89 per individual, 20-gram shake package. Where will the custom trend hit next? We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, keep the innovations coming! (Related: Mixed-to-order muesliCustom-blended teaMore custom-blended teaA customized cup of joeMore custom energy bars.)



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