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Designer clothing rental store doubles as a laundromat


House of Bubbles offers designer clothing and accessories for rent and provides a place for users to wash the items before returning.

The number of companies offering rentable clothing has increased significantly over the past few years. We’ve seen everything from jeans to designer sunglasses and baby clothes made available through subscription packages. Now, a Brazilian store called the House of Bubbles does the same for fashionistas, offering designer pieces for rent and providing a place for customers to wash the clothes when they’re done at the in-house laundromat.


The House of Bubbles enables customers to borrow designer clothing and accessories via monthly subscription packages. Customers can rent up to six items for ten days before trading them in at the store. Since the shop doubles as a laundromat, the garments can be washed instore before being returned. There are also specially curated collections, providing a platform for up-and-coming designers.


Based in São Paulo, the shop forms one quarter of House of All — a collection of community-driven businesses that also provides co-working, co-teaching and co-cooking spaces. Could this set-up work in other cities?



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