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Designer style curated and delivered to desktops

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Kuvva has launched a creative package for PC and Mac, delivering curated imagery to users' desktops.

Kuvva launched as a platform delivering stylish imagery to users’ Twitter backgrounds. Now the “digital tailors” have created a version for desktops, with weekly sets of images curated by artists and designers. Kuvva’s mission is to “turn dead space into creative space”. They launched in April 2011, publishing seven different high quality images by talented artists every week for users to add some “visual awesomeness” to their Twitter account. The platform has since quadrupled in size and been shared with 1.6 million Twitter users. In response to strong demand they have now released an application which brings Kuvva to a PC or Mac desktop, collaborating with Dutch artist Piet Parra to celebrate the launch. Kuvva are always on the look out for designers, brands, artists and photographers to partner with, and plan to stroke their creative brushes over mobile phones, tumblr and television next. The success of Kuvva indicates that social media and “online natives” are keen for their online profiles to mirror their personal style, in pictures as well as words. A promising opportunity for creative professionals to get involved in? Spotted by: Nalden



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