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Living grass as a low-impact, indoor advertising medium

Advertising & Marketing

Natural media agency Curb has already appeared on our virtual pages numerous times before for its glow-in-the-dark bacteria, sea tagging, snow tagging and other low-impact advertising efforts. The latest from the eco-minds at the UK-based firm? Soil-less urban greenery as an advertising tool for use indoors as well as out. Curb’s DesignGrass is completely natural grass created solely for indoor environments. It can be designed in any shape, pattern, image, brand or word and installed on indoor surfaces such as walls and ceilings; once installed, the grass never requires any watering or trimming. Already in use by brands including Electrolux and Siemens, DesignGrass is ideal for creating green spaces in commercial or residential buildings. It’s even hypoallergenic and a natural sound-proofer. FlexiGrass, meanwhile, is a soil-less living carpet made from natural grass, herbs, flowers and plants that can be used to cover anything or create green spaces in locations where normal grass and greenery cannot take hold. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, FlexiGrass needs only minor maintenance and trimming; it can be moulded, shaped, coloured and even textured in any way required. Within the realm of hospitality and events, the rigid and durable product has already been used to temporarily grass the ballrooms of famous London hotels, Curb says. Curb has long been using regular grass in its outdoor advertising campaigns, but these latest innovations open up a world of opportunity indoors. Eco-minded brands: Start thinking green for your next marketing campaign!



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