Innovation That Matters

Designs from the world's top fashion schools put to vote and made to-order


MUUSE customers vote on designs from the world’s top fashion schools, to be made into premium, hand-crafted garments.

Last month we saw US-based fashion label Velvet Brigade use crowdsourcing to design their product range, with the public voting which designs would be made into real garments. Now Denmark-based MUUSE are hosting designs from the world’s top fashion schools — with a focus on premium and hand-crafted clothing — for users to vote on and bring into production. Users can express their interest in designs exhibited in the “Concept” area of the website, and when enough interest has been registered, the designs will become available for purchase as limited editions. Users are not committed to buy when they register interest, but will be notified when MUUSE are taking orders. Once an order has been placed, the fabrics are then sourced and the garments made by tailors in Copenhagen on a made to-order basis. Customers can then view the progress of their order, which takes between six and ten weeks to make. On the site users can also view garments already available for purchase, with options to browse by designer, fashion school or collection. MUUSE currently ship to Europe and the USA. As well as removing the financial risk for designers and fashion labels, the pre-order business model produces less waste from clothes that are not sold. With consumers becoming increasingly interested in sustainability and green-credentials, could this become a favorable model across other design industries? Spotted by: Alexandra Bode



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