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Desktop platform for creating and publishing interactive e-books

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Moglue uses a drag-and-drop interface to enable amateur writers and publishers to create and sell their own e-books, without prior programming knowledge.

Regular Springwise readers may remember the recently featured Qbooks and Push Pop Press, digital publishing houses that embed photos and videos to create interactive e-books. Hoping to make publishing such books accessible to everyone, Moglue have created a desktop platform that enables amateur writers to create interactive e-books, with no programming knowledge required. Moglue was founded by an international team who met at a start-up event in Seoul, South Korea. Their aim is to “democratize app creation” in the same way that digital recording studios gave amateur musicians the resources to enter the music industry. The drag-and-drop interface allows for easy creation of both static and interactive content, and is designed to be used by all ages. The platform can be used to create e-books across a range of genres, from children’s books to travel and cook books. Once finished, Moglue e-books are published as apps for iOS and Android devices. While Moglue is in beta — until the end of December — it’s free for users to build, save and publish e-books to their store. After that they plan to offer a subscription model allowing users to publish between five and ten books per year, at a price still to be confirmed. Users will then be able to publish their e-book directly to Apple’s App Store and the Android Market, and define the price themselves. Moglue aims to help those without funding or technical expertise make their creative thoughts and imagination a published reality. One for budding authors, illustrators and publishers to take note of! Spotted by: Zachary Love



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