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Collaborative pop-up store focuses on eco-friendly goods


While many of the pop-up retail stores we’ve covered have been the work of major brands — Gap with Crunch, for example – the Detox Market is an eco-focused pop-up store that features the curated product selections of two green entrepreneurs. With a shop that just launched temporarily in Venice, Calif., the Detox Market offers an assortment of natural beauty, fashion and food products hand-picked by green entrepreneurs Valérie Grandury and Romain Gaillard, cofounders of the all-natural cosmetics line Odacité, which we featured last year. Focusing on the hard-to-find and best-in-breed, the store features primarily products made by small companies with only the finest all-natural ingredients; for some brands, availability through the Detox Market is the first time they’ve been sold in the United States. Now open through Dec. 31, the Detox Market uses furniture in its temporary store that’s made from reclaimed wooden lettuce crates. Events hosted at the space include complimentary demos, tastings, facials, parties and even opportunities to chat with brand owners. Every brand may now be online, but that doesn’t mean anyone will necessarily find them. By offering exposure to lesser-known purveyors, discovery to consumers and some brisk business for its own bottom line, the Detox Market may just exemplify a new retail model for the future. Will retail increasingly involve pop-up collaborations among smaller brands? Time will tell. Meanwhile, one to emulate near you in this — or another — niche? (Related: Online portal connects all those involved in pop-up retailNationwide network of pop-up marketing spacesBrands take turns running airport storeFree pop-up space for small creative businesses.)


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