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Dor foot traffic | Photo source Pixabay

Device collects foot traffic data for brick-and-mortar stores


An easy to install connected device for brick-and-mortar stores monitors foot traffic via thermal detection, providing insight into peak business hours without invading consumer privacy.

Spotted: Brick-and-mortar stores will forever battle e-commerce sites for business. We’ve seen many examples of stores using tech to enhance the consumer experiences, such as ‘mixed-reality’ AR advertising campaigns and staffless 24-hour stores. But can brick-and-mortar stores ever gain the same level of insight into consumer behaviour as the clicks and visits of e-commerce websites?

Now, Dor has developed a device that will provide some of this insight. The device promises an easy to install, out-of-the-box system which is placed above doorways. A thermal sensor then detects when a person passes underneath. Users can activate the device and view data via an app.

Many retailers gather location data from visitor smart devices, either via brand apps or geolocation data from third parties. While this method is useful for comparison with other retailers, it can miss customers who either don’t use the store app, or hide their location data. Dor captures every customer who walks in, providing more data.

Dor’s device is private because it doesn’t use cameras or location data. It can therefore be used to monitor facility usage too, such as bathroom visits.

Retailers can use the Dor API to integrate the data into their own analytics software. This insight will enable businesses to staff appropriately, depending on peak foot traffic hours. It will also enable data comparisons between advertising campaigns and the effect on foot traffic and sales.

Dor is available now on a quote basis.



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