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Device creates music using plants

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A new device uses electrodes to let users listen to the sounds made by plants.

Searching for a calmer environment that can bring you closer to nature without leaving your office? Start-up GreenNote has created a device that allows users to listen to music made by plants. Resembling a speaker, the device attaches to the leaf of a plant and to the soil next to the stem. Electrodes pick up micro-voltage fluctuations between plant and soil. Signals are sent to a Arduino Uno board, where proprietary software converts them into music. Any external interactions with the plant, such as touching, watering or moving the plant will change the electrical signals and the music. Therefore, users can create their own symphony of nature.

The project is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo to develop the initial prototype into a saleable model. Additionally, the company plans to develop a mobile app that will enable users to change the type of music, set an alarm and control the volume. The completed device will have a detachable Bluetooth speaker, moveable from room to room. This will allow users to listen to their plants from different rooms without disturbing the plant. The GreenNote speaker will initially be available for USD 159.

We have seen a number of other innovations that use plants to help improve life indoors. For example, a plant wall that purifies air and a living chandelier. GreenNote is the first project that aims to let users actually listen to the music of nature in their own homes and offices. What other innovations might help bring people closer to nature?




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