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Device enables smart automatic cat feeding

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Using RFID sensor technology, Gatefeeder allows cats to be fed while owners are away from home.

We’ve already seen solutions such as DOGTV looking to keep pets entertained while owners are away from home, but what about feeding them? Using RFID sensor technology, Gatefeeder is now looking to provide a solution to this problem. The cuboid device can hold around one weekend’s worth of food for one cat and comes with a smart ID tag that is placed on the animal’s collar. When the cat pushes the door, the machine instantly reads the RFID tag, opens the door and provides a serving of food. When more than one pet is at home, Gatefeeder offers the right amount of nourishment to each cat based on their ID tags. To eliminate competitive eating, the device fits only one cat’s head and body through the door at once and all food is contained within the device to avoid mess. Medication can also be included in each serving and Gatefeeder’s creators claim that owners of small dogs could benefit from the machine as well. Gatefeeder is currently on sale for USD 249. The device is shown in more detail in the video below: With many owners leading increasingly busy lifestyles, this could prove to be a useful device to ensure pets do not suffer if there is no-one home to feed them. One to replicate to cater for other animals? Contact: Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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