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Device notifies flyers of their luggage location

Travel & Tourism

TrakDot is a small signal transmitting device that lets users know if their luggage has successfully arrived at their destination, keeping them up to date on the whereabouts of their possessions.

Lost luggage can be a nightmare for travelers, and we’ve already seen the hop! suitcase try to tackle the problem by automatically following its owner. Now we’ve come across TrakDot, which is a small signal transmitting device that tracks the location of its user’s luggage. Those using the device first register it, along with their mobile number or email address. When they travel, the TrakDot is placed into their suitcase and turned on. Using technology similar to GPS, the location of the tracker is monitored and its sensors detects when it is in the air – at which point it turns itself off to preserve battery. When it detects that the plane has landed, a text message or email is sent to the registered number or address to alert the owner if their luggage has made it to the same destination. The device is small enough to fit inside a suitcase without taking up too much room and operates on two AA batteries. Available on the market in April, the TrakDot will retail for USD 49.99, with an additional activation and annual service fee. According to the company, lost luggage can be left for days before being recovered and the TrakDot aims to ensure that users can always immediately see where their suitcase is for easy retrieval. How else can the stress be taken out of travel? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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