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Device phases out TV blue light

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Drift TV is a programmable device that gradually filters out sleep-disrupting blue light from TVs before bedtime.

In our recent Innovation Culture Bulletin we talked about the negative effects blue light can have, especially at night when the body is preparing for sleep. For those who can’t resist a few late night Netflix indulgences, f.lux for Mac offers an option for red-shifted screens, and now Drift TV can help reduce the blue light emitting from TV sets.

Created by Sewell Direct, Drift TV connects to most existing TVs, and supports an HDMI cable. Users can program Drift TV to turn down the blue light an hour or two before their bedtime, allowing their body clock to function naturally. The device can also be set to gradually phase out blue light so that users don’t notice an abrupt change in screen color.


Drift TV is priced at USD 99. As the importance of a good night’s sleep increases in the digital age, helping users adjust their devices might prove a better solution than simply telling them to switch off. How else can technology strengthen users’ circadian clocks?



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