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Digital cobbler lets customers order perfect fit, 3D printed shoes from home


Feetz are enabling Beta customers to order individualized, perfectly fitting, 3D printed shoes from home, via a smartphone app.

Everyone has experienced the pain of having to wear in new shoes but recent developments in 3D printing could put an end to that misery — by enabling companies to manufacture shoes to perfectly fit customer’s feet. We have already seen SOLS use 3D printing to create the personalized insoles and now Feetz are taking it one step further, enabling customers to order custom fit, personalized footwear via their smartphone app.


Feetz is currently welcoming Beta customers who want to try out the personalized shoes. To begin, users sign up on the website and download the Feetz app. They then take three photos of each foot as directed by the app, which are used to create a model of the customer’s feet. Next, they can customize their design — choosing from a variety of colors for the sole and main body. The shoes are then created using additive manufacturing. To begin with, Feetz will be made in the USA using American-made materials and labor, but eventually Feetz hope to have pods worldwide, so that they can complete orders at a local source and reduce the environmental impact of shipping footwear around the world.

Feetz are not the only company making 3D printed shoes: Nike’s Vapor Ultimate Cleat american football boot is created using a combination of 3D printing and 3D knitting which provides a sock-like fit for athletes. But Feetz are the first to open up the technology to the average consumer and enable them to order the product from their own home rather than having their feet scanned instore.

What other clothing could use 3D printing to create better fits for customers?



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