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Digital jukebox partners with Spotify and PayPal

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TouchTunes is an app that enables people to play music from their Spotify account in bars and venues across America.

The creation of Spotify and other streaming services bring with them the expectation that consumers can listen to any music they want any time they want, whether at home or on the move. TouchTunes extends that capability to public spaces too, acting as a digital jukebox, which enables patrons to choose the music in bars and venues across the US for a small fee. The app, which initially launched in 2010, was recently updated to accept PayPal payments and sync with users’ Spotify libraries.


To begin, music lovers download the free smartphone app and create a profile, linking it to their Spotify account. Then, they can browse TouchTunes for nearby participating venues. Once the customer gets close enough, they can program the venue’s jukebox to play their choice of songs remotely. TouchTunes already has jukeboxes installed in 70,000 venues across North America and two million active users.


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