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Digital missing pet posters get sent to every smartphone in the area

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Pedigree Found is an app which uses Google's ad network to spread the word about missing dogs.

Pet lovers have a number of options to choose from when their cat or dog goes astray. Using facial recognition technology on their photographic database of ‘found’ pets, PiP helps reunite owners with their wandering animals. Failing that, there are always good old fashioned ‘missing’ posters. But a new app from New Zealand called Pedigree Found could provide the ultimate solution for dog owners, by pairing with Google and using the search giant’s ad network to spread the word about missing canines around the neighborhood.

Users begin by downloading the app and registering their dog to the network. They can upload pictures and list any identifying features. Then, if the dog goes missing, they simply post a missing ad, which sends out an alert to anyone who is online in the area for free. The app helps the user get plenty of people looking out for their dog in real-time, and anyone who spots the missing animal can alert the owner immediately as to their whereabouts. There is also a local search function, so if a Pedigree Found user spots an overly-independent looking dog they can search recent posts to see if it has been listed.

How else could Google ads be used for the collective good?



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