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Shipping containers | Photo source Pixabay

Digital platform enhances cargo flow for port users


Information portal elevates supply chain performance by offering a holistic view of the port ecosystem.

Ports are the focal point of global supply chains, facilitating the movement of foods across modes of transportation. As such, ports are usually first to feel the disruptive effects of market forces and must exercise great foresight to keep supply chains running. At Springwise, we’ve encountered this same foresight in the use of Blockchain to track shipments and emissions-free autonomous marine transport in Norway.

The Port of Los Angeles has partnered with GE Transportation to launch a unique platform called Port Optimizer. This follows from a successful two-month technology pilot at the Port of Long Beach aiming to improve cargo flow. Port Optimizer is cloud-based software that uses machine learning and deep domain expertise to digitize disparate shipping data for port users. It provides real-time data-driven insights through a single portal, enabling data-flow between cargo owners, shipping lines and supply chain stakeholders.

Traditionally, port operations comprised of multiple, decentralised systems, each designed to monitor singular aspects such as ocean transits. This created poor supply chain visibility and predictability, unproductive dwell time and a lack of transparency between stakeholders for planning. With the Port Optimizer, all data regarding vessel forecasting and operational status can be found in one place. These functionalities combine to extend window for tracking time-sensitive imports from 48 hours to 14 days. Intermodal equipment planning and asset management is improved, leading to maximum throughput and delivery performance in general. Equally as important is the deepening of technology and stakeholder collaborations.

During the pilot, GE also added the Envio360 Drayage Optimization Platform to the Port Optimizer’s capabilities. The platform utilises artificial intelligence to deliver port-to-door visibility and enable port operator and landside transportation networks.




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