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Digital valet is laundry, storage and delivery service in one

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Dufl is a valet service which stores, washes and repacks travelers' wardrobes between trips, then delivers them to each destination.

For frequent travelers, the joy of returning home is often overshadowed by the prospect of a suitcase brimming with dirty laundry. Aiming to remove that headache is Dufl, a digital valet service which stores, washes and repacks a traveler’s wardrobe between trips. The luxury service even collects the user’s suitcase from their hotel and delivers it to their next destination, through partner company Fedex.


To begin, users sign up to the premium baggage handling service via a smartphone app and are sent a Dufl branded suitcase. Then, the customer fills their suitcase with their chosen travel clothes. Dufl collects the suitcase and takes inventory of the items, professionally photographing each garment and creating a virtual wardrobe. Next time the user makes a trip, they ‘pack’ using the app — virtually selecting the clothes they’ll need — and inform Dufl of their destination and arrival date. Dufl expertly packs and delivers the suitcase to the point of arrival. At the end of the trip, the user schedules a pickup and Dufl collects the suitcase from the front desk. Finally, the company cleans and stores the contents at the Dufl warehouse, until the user’s next trip. Travelers can swap out or add clothes anytime.


Dufl has recently completed Beta testing with 100 users and plan to go live across the US very soon. Eventually, the company plan to offer a global service. We have seen similar services before — both Leave it at Hyatt and Packnada enable frequent visitors to store their luggage rather than travel backwards and forwards with it — but Dufl is the first to offer transport between multiple destinations. Dufl, largely aimed at business travelers, costs USD 9.95 per month for storage and USD 99 for each round trip. How else could companies improve the experience of regular travelers?



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