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Toy rental comes to France

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It’s been more than a year since we featured the toy rental service from Texas-based Babyplays, so we were pleased to see that a similar concept has now been launched in Europe. French Dim Dom offers a very similar service, with toy rental options aimed at kids up to 5. Dim Dom offers toys for rent on either a short-term or a subscription basis. Grandparents expecting kids for a holiday visit, for example, are among the intended customers of the short-term plans, as are families hoping to arrange an assortment of toys for the duration of a family vacation. Prices on Dim Dom’s short-term packages begin at EUR 49.95 for a selection of five toys for up to a month; all shipping costs are included, and return shipping labels are provided. The company’s subscription services, meanwhile, follow a Netflix-like model that begins at EUR 19.95 per month for four toys at once. Toys can be kept as long as 12 months, but they can also be sent back and exchanged for free when children get tired of them. All of Dim Dom’s toys are purchased new from official suppliers, the company says, and are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between uses. When they reach the end of their useful lives, they are donated to charities and families in need. Dim Dom currently delivers only within France, but it’s already working on solutions for ownership-shy transumers in neighbouring countries. Spotted by: Fadila Merizak



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