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Robotic device helps disabled people to independently stand and travel with ease

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AMS Mekatronic's Tek RMD is a 'Robotic Mobilization Device' which enables paraplegic people to sit or stand with no outside help.

New technologies are constantly being developed with the aim of improving mobility for those with paralysis and we’ve already seen add-ons for the traditional wheelchair such as Japan’s standard-to-electric converter, WHILL. Arriving with an entirely new concept however is Turkey-based AMS Mekatronic with the Tek RMD, a ‘Robotic Mobilization Device’ which enables paraplegic people to sit or stand with no outside help. The Tek RMD is a motorized vehicle that is mounted from the back. This is to avoid the user having to throw their body weight in order to transfer themselves into a chair, which can be dangerous and uncomfortable. The user can remain seated while they strap themselves into the new device and easily pull themselves onto it with the help of gas spring balances. Although this is not the first invention to help disabled people stand, it has made some vital improvements in terms of posture and economy of size, according to the company. Existing technologies require the use of canes or walkers, meaning that the user cannot use their hands easily while standing, whereas the Tek RMD frees the hands completely. The body is also kept in a fully upright position and balance is maintained. Once in a standing position, users can move around much like they would on a Segway. The device measures 36 cm wide and 62 cm long, making it slimmer than the traditional wheelchair at 60 cm wide. No hints have been given as to when the product will be hitting the market, or how much it will cost, but the video below shows the machine in action: The Tek RMD gives disabled people scope for independence — hoping to provide ease-of-use and an improved lifestyle. Perhaps a partnership could ensure that AMS Mekatronic can get their invention to market? Spotted by: Kate Permut



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