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Dissolvable packaging

Dissolvable packaging reduces construction waste


A cement bag that dissolves in the mixer is now commercially available, helping to reduce waste throughout the construction process.

Sustainable packaging company BillerudKorsnäs introduced the D-Sack for more sustainable construction. The sack was developed by the company’s Sack Lab, in close partnership with LafargeHolcim. The D-Sack is designed specifically to disintegrate in water when combined with the mechanical action of the mixer, yet is sturdy enough to survive the typical product journey, including transportation and storage.

The D-Sack’s eco-credentials have been verified by the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, showing the sack to be a climate-positive product. The bio-based carbon in the paper is additionally captured in the structure that is built with the cement. By eliminating pollution, waste and the time needed to dispose of trash, the D-Sack helps create a healthier, more sustainable and efficient workplace.

The production method used to make D-Sack produces less carbon dioxide waste during manufacturing than standard cement. The eco-cement also appears to be stronger and more durable than standard versions, and is particularly resistant to de-icing salts commonly used to clear road surfaces. That property has the potential to significantly increase the lifespan of the typical road, creating further environmental benefits linked to fewer repairs and materials used.



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