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A 'Google Analytics' for mobile applications

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With all the mobile app stores that have sprung up in the past year, developers and brands have a raft of new ways to reach mobile users. As is so often true, however, opportunity brings new challenges, and in this case it’s monitoring sales and performance across all those platforms. Enter Distimo, a Dutch startup that tracks prices and download activity on all the major app stores. Covering the Apple, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Palm app stores, among others, Distimo functions as a sort of Google Analytics for mobile applications, monitoring and reporting on the details of each application’s performance across platforms. In addition to a free monthly report focusing on Apple’s App Store, the company also offers custom reports for the Apple and Android markets that provide data specific to a client’s applications, including those of the competition. The free Distimo Monitor program, meanwhile—now in beta—offers a central place to monitor one’s apps in all app stores. Updated daily, the Monitor program provides an analytics page that also includes information on the competition, such as which channels they’re doing best in and how price changes are affecting their download numbers. As the world embraces all things mobile, there are opportunities aplenty not just for developers, but also for those who can help support them. The mobile tide is still rising—ride along with it, and watch your boat get lifted too! Spotted by: Vincent van Dugteren



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