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DIY programmable drone

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Airblock is a Chinese-based programmable robotics kit that allows kids to build their own flying drone.

Coding is the language of the future and there are an increasing number of products being released that are designed to get children excited about learning to programme. Here at Springwise, we have covered several edtech innovations recently. Amongst them, these computer kits that allow children to build games and make graphics whilst learning the language of programming. And this speaker set that encourages children to learn about sound and frequency while assembling a speaker from scratch. The latest in the flurry of programming toys is Airblock, a modular toy that enables youngsters to build their own drone.

The product comprises of hexagonal, magnetic, modular parts that can be assembled in multiple variations around the core. Children use the accompanying Makerblock app to programme and control the toy to perform aerial stunts. They simply drag and drop different commands – like forward, pause, turn, and forward – and connect them together to create a sequence of movements. Made from lightweight engineered foam, the modular pieces are also durable.The toy is indoor friendly. If the drone does fly into a wall, it simply collapses and can be put back together again. The kit also comes with a hovercraft base so that users can also build a floating robot.

Airblock retails at USD 99 and is designed to teach basic knowledge of engineering, technology, and physics to children from 8 years old. Will we see more edtech innovations adopt modular building systems?


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