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DIY handbag design lets consumers create


In case there was any doubt the do-it-yourself design trend is here to stay, a new site for designing your own handbags has now joined the ones we’ve already written about for creating custom dresses, duvets and lingerie (to name just a few). Launched in Connecticut earlier this year, Elemental Threads (eThreads) gives consumers more than 60,000 ways to design their own custom-made handbags. The process begins when a customer chooses from among eight available handbag styles, including pouches, clutches and totes. They then select from among dozens of limited-quantity fabrics, previewing the look of their bag with each choice. Next they pick coordinating zippers, linings, and hardware, and the design is complete. All bags are then handcrafted by Emily, the company’s founder, and delivered to the customer’s door. Pricing ranges from USD 14 for a small pouch to USD 75 for a large tote bag. Both domestic and international shipping is available. eThreads is the brainchild of longtime seamstress and MBA student Emily. Necklaces, belts and notebooks are also on the way. Another one to emulate in the category of your choice! Spotted by: Bjarke Svendsen



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