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Pet owners rewarded with wifi for picking up dog poo


Mexico-based Terra is rewarding walkers that ensure they clean up after their pets with free time online through its Poo Wifi portal.

The rise of mobile web devices has led to a string of innovations designed to bring wifi to public places, most recently Korea’s Waffle platform, which enables businesses to offer free internet access to customers who like them on Facebook. Now Mexico-based Terra is rewarding dog walkers that ensure they clean up after their pets with free time online. According to Creativity Online, the Poo WiFi portal, developed in conjunction with advertising agency DDB, is currently being trialled in ten parks around Mexico City. Dog walkers who scoop their pet’s poop can place the bag into a specially-designed bin, which weighs the droppings and calculates how much free time online it can be traded in for at wifi routers located around the vicinity. The higher the volume of excrement that goes in the bin, the longer park users will be able to access free internet on their mobile devices. Initially, the portals will come with a representative who will hand out bags for picking up the droppings. DDB have also created an ad to go with the campaign, which you can watch below: The wifi scheme simultaneously provides an impetus for dog walkers to keep the parks clean as well as providing free internet access to its users, making the environments much more pleasurable to be in. Could you bring a similar scheme to your city? Spotted by: Judy McRae



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