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Domestic outsourcing: lice busters

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Parents in the Houston area who are reluctant to deal with the pesky and all too common problem of head lice removal now have the option of outsourcing the tedious task. Contrary to popular belief, head lice do not discriminate based on personal hygiene or socio-economic status, though many families still find cases a bit embarrassing. The Texas Lice Squad offers professional and confidential in-home lice treatments for the whole family—with guaranteed results. Founded by an experienced registered nurse and mother of two, The Texas Lice Squad provides a full range of services to help eliminate lice and prevent recurrences, beginning with individual and family inspection to determine the extent of infestation, priced at USD 65 for a family of four (USD 5 for each additional household member). In-home treatment and removal costs USD 60 per hour, with a two-hour minimum, which could be money well spent for families who feel that they’ve exhausted their own resources attempting to eradicate the critters themselves. After using a non-toxic product and professional combing to thoroughly remove all nits and lice, The Texas Lice Squad confirms in writing that a child is nit-free so that he or she can be readmitted to school or daycare. With back-to-school season in full swing—playgrounds and classrooms being prime spots for sharing not just toys, but lice and germs, too—business is bound to pick up. And the Texas Lice Squad is ready for it, investing in their first storefront location. Could franchises and duplicates be around the corner? And for the bigger picture, entrepreneurs might want to ask themselves what other domestic tasks are ready to be outsourced. Spotted by: Pamela Brewer



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