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Montreal ad agency looking for a live-in intern

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Ad agencies thrive or fail by the creative ideas they come up with, and promoting themselves is no exception. What makes Montreal firm Carte Blanche‘s new self-promotion campaign unique is that it’s also a recruitment experiment. Carte Blanche is offering one lucky (depending on your viewpoint) intern the chance to spend 30 days living in the heart of the Montreal agency’s headquarters, in a fully-equipped apartment adjoining their offices. After the working day, the intern will have access to the office floor. The agency claims that this project—dubbed Dortoir (French for dormitory)—is a world’s first for an ad agency. Carte Blanche is inviting email applications from creative and passionate people, who are asked to up load up to 10MB of images, text and video to show off their talent. Dortoir seems less like a recruitment process and more like a prize competition—echoing buzz-heavy campaigns like The Best Job in the World. Similarly enliven your own recruitment process and you could find yourself with a larger pool of interesting applications to wade through, as well as plenty of free viral exposure. (Related: Job applications in 140 characters or less.) Spotted by: Khady Beye



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