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Crowdsourced cycling trips

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Joining the customer made revolution, Toronto-based bike tour company, Tour D’Afrique has set up a division called DreamTours which invites consumers to pitch their dream cycling tour concept and engage with fellow cyclists to bring the trip to fruition. Currently in beta, DreamTours allows cycling enthusiasts to design a tour and post it on the website for others to comment on, make suggestions to improve upon it, and register their interest in joining the tour. Creators name the tour, upload destination photographs, outline trip highlights, plot the route on a map, and set the cost parameters of the tour by choosing variables such as accommodation, number of riders, food, crew and vehicle support. If the tour is logistically viable, DreamTours approves it and the creator can begin recruiting more riders via social networking. When enough people have signed on, DreamTours takes over the planning process to make the trip a reality. If a tour sells out, the creator can ride for free or apply a discount to the entire group. Tours currently in the works include a North American Epic, an Indian Adventure, and the Mediterranean Circuit. Interactive, collaborative development processes such as this empower consumers to create the products and experiences they most desire. We have seen similar models applied across a variety of industries and no doubt there will be more to come. Time to tap into your customers’ wealth of knowledge and cash in on fulfilling their deepest desires? (Related: Trip planner lets customers create their own tours.) Spotted by: Theresa Brown



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