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Drill cards for amateur sports coaches

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Each year, millions of people volunteer to coach youth sports, but not all of them have the time or resources to develop fun and effective training programs for their teams. CoachDeck offers a simple yet innovative solution to ensure that coaches never repeat “the same boring practice”—handy reference cards with easy-to-understand practice drills, so that even the most time-crunched coaches can easily come up with unique programs, with very little preparation. Designed by professional coaches, each deck contains 52 color-coded drills, most of which include a “Make it a Game” feature, plus two double-sided cards on Safety, Terminology, Practice and How to Use CoachDeck. Coaches can carry the cards in their pockets and fan them out for players to randomly select drills. They make a great tool for parents who want to work with their children on athletic skills, too. CoachDeck is currently available for baseball and soccer, with plans to release a basketball version this fall. Decks can be ordered online for USD 19.95 each, with discounts for bulk orders. While information on sports drills has long been available in books and videos, putting them on playing cards is a new approach—and one that’s portable, fun and easy to use. It’s an idea that easily could be duplicated or expanded on for just about any type of training, including sales and marketing, team-building for businesses, foreign languages and more. Spotted by: Jason Patrick



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