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Cleaning products by the refill packet, for dilution at home

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More eco-friendly cleaning products! No sooner had we posted our recent story about Activeion than we learned of DropShot Cleaners, a Canadian brand of dilutable cleaning products much like the iQ line we covered earlier this year. As with the iQ line, consumers need only drop a packet of DropShot’s concentrated cleaning solution into an empty water bottle and fill it with regular tap water. Following a good shaking, the result is a full bottle of commercial-strength household cleaner worthy of the Design for the Environment (DfE) label. Variations available in the DropShot line include All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner, Autumn Fresh Odor Eliminator, Glass & Hard Surface, and Grease-Cutting Multi-Surface cleaner. Each refill order of two DropShot refill packets costs USD 2.99, while the DropShot Cleaning Kit — including one bottle plus two refills of each product — costs USD 19.95. DropShot Cleaners are currently available only online, but other retail locations are forthcoming, parent company JBI says. Green-minded retailers around the world: one to add to your own minimal-packaging line…? Spotted by: Stuart Miller



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