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In Dublin, cargo bikes will ensure business deliveries during construction


Cargo bikes have already proved to be a viable option for business deliveries around the year in France and Geneva, and soon they’ll become commonplace in Dublin as well while the city undergoes some major construction. Specifically, while a new public transport project is under way in the city, local businesses will be encouraged to use cargo bikes rather than trucks or vans to make their deliveries. Road closures and other traffic glitches are expected to occur during the building of the new Metro North public transport line, so Dublin is taking proactive action. Over the next few months, the Dublin City Council will be introducing a fleet of cargo bicycles in the hopes of helping businesses navigate around the roadworks. Capable of carrying loads of up to 180kg at a time, the bikes will offer a green solution while still allowing deliveries to be made. Currently, the City Council and the Dublin City Business Association are asking businesses to register their interest in using the bikes, which should hit the streets during the next 18 months, according to a report yesterday in The Journal. In the longer term, there is also a plan to keep cargo bikes available for use in pedestrian areas, The Journal reported. Dublin did just celebrate the one-year anniversary of the establishment of its city bike sharing scheme, so bicycles are already a common sight on the city streets. What particularly impresses us, however, is the city’s foresight in seizing the Metro North project as an opportunity to introduce cargo bikes to businesses that might not otherwise consider them. Other cities around the globe: follow Dublin’s example, and carpe diem when you can for some eco-minded changes of your own! (Related: Pedaled by two, a cargo bike for hauling furniture.) Spotted by: The Journal



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