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Fertility device offers money-back pregnancy guarantee

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For the roughly one in six couples who have trouble conceiving, manual body basal temperature (BBT) charting has traditionally been one of the most common approaches to determining the best time to get pregnant. That technique is known to be less than completely reliable, however, while other approaches—such as urine testing—are subject to other problems. Now, a UK firm has developed a device with accuracy levels so high that it offers a money-back guarantee if pregnancy is not achieved within 12 months. Ovulation changes a woman’s body temperature by about half a degree—subtle enough to be easily masked by normal variations. Employing a more sophisticated version of BBT measurement, the DuoFertility monitor consists of a small sensor and a hand-held reader that collects data wirelessly. The sensor is attached to an adhesive patch—about 3 cm in diameter, worn discreetly under the arm—that records a woman’s temperature 20,000 times a day and can detect temperature changes within thousandths of a degree. A series of algorithms identify the day of ovulation with 99 percent accuracy and up to six days in advance; combined with additional fertility clues such as cervical mucus quality and menstruation data, accuracy can be as high as 99.7 percent. Either way, data is transferred from the sensor to the DuoFertility reader wirelessly, giving users a view of their upcoming fertility status in plenty of time to plan a romantic evening at just the right time. They can also view more information about their cycles by simply plugging the reader into their PC, or request an in-depth report from one of DuoFertility’s fertility specialists. The DuoFertility device is priced at GBP 495, including VAT and delivery at no extra charge. Developed and manufactured by Cambridge Temperature Concepts, DuoFertility has already been approved for sale in many countries around the globe; its retail launch is planned for next year. One to get in on early…? Spotted by: Murtaza Ali Patel



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