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Dutch food truck only serves delicious pests

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The Unwanted Animal Kitchen turns animal nuisances into The Grand Pest Dinner.

In the Netherlands, The Unwanted Animal Kitchen is joining the growing number of businesses attempting to curb excessive waste in the food industry. There is no doubt that global food waste has reached staggering levels — with recent reports stating that as much as half of all the food produced in the world is thrown away — but companies around the world are finding ever more interesting ways of saving edibles formerly consigned to the rubbish bin.

In Japan, LiquorOFF is reselling unwanted, unopened booze. In France, supermarket chain Intermarche has created a range of soup and juice products out of their ugliest fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile Brothl in Melbourne is using up to 50 percent organic waste products, including bones from a neighboring restaurant, to make its soups.

Now, this Dutch food truck is doing its part by serving only dishes made from animals generally thought of as nuisances — pests who are ‘inedible’ or a disturbance to society. Their offerings include The Pigeon Plate and croquettes made from geese that, for security reasons, had to be shot at nearby Schiphol Airport.

Springwise recently reported on Petite Mort Fur, whose fur products are made only from animals that died naturally or accidentally… perhaps the two companies should be introduced?

Are there any other areas of the food and fashion industries which could be made more sustainable by sharing resources?



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