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Dynamic furniture design doubles home living space

Work & Lifestyle

Ori System's furniture line is modular, scalable and runs on mechatronics, allowing live-work spaces to transform at the touch of a button.

Smart modular design solutions such as earthquake resistant homes and window-walled blocks are solving global building challenges. Now, Ori Systems is increasing the efficiency of indoor spaces by transforming effortlessly from a living area into an office.


Ori is a modular, flexible and intelligent line of furniture. With a push of a button, the bedroom becomes an office; an entire wall moves and panels slide open to reveal hidden storage. Ori is inspired by Japanese origami, an approach that makes the most of urban space at an ever-increasing premium. Built using architectural robotics from a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab team, Ori is revolutionizing micro living. Available for sale in 2017, design developments include voice and movement activation and different sized units.


We’ve already seen reconfigurable rooms arranged by underground robots. How else can architects maximize urban living spaces?



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