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E-bike kit is controlled by cyclists' heartbeat

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Falco e-motors has created an e-bike kit for any bike that responds to the user's heartrate and delivers personalized assistance.

Every now and then, a company tries to re-invent the wheel. It’s now common to see bikes equipped with electronic assistance, or add-ons such as the The Copenhagen Wheel that turn any bike into an e-bike. Many use the technology to help them climb hills that they’re not fit enough to do with simple pedalling. However, this assistance does take away some agency from the rider. Falco e-motors has now created an e-bike kit for any bike that responds to the user’s heartrate and delivers personalized assistance.

Called the Fusion Sports Drive System, the kit converts any regular pushbike into an e-bike with only 3 components — an electric drive, battery pack and control unit. The electric drive is fitted onto the rear wheel of the bicycle, the battery can be installed on the frame and the control unit goes on the handlebar.

The system also works in 3 ways. The electric assistance kicks in as soon as the rider starts pedaling — if they pedal hard the motor works harder, and if they pedal softly, the opposite. Riders can also manage the support they receive with the control unit, increasing or decreasing the power of the motor.

The third option enables riders to connect the control unit to their smartphone and fitness trackers using the Falco Fusion Sports app. This lets them determine the assistance according to their fitness targets, using their heartrate in real time. Riders can set how much energy they want to burn before they set off, and if their heartrate gets too high, the motor helps them out. If their heartrate is too low for their set target, the motor won’t come into effect. The app also lets riders track cardio control and routes traveled, as well as including social sharing features.

Watch the video below to learn more about the innovation:

While there are plenty of e-bike adaptors for providing pedaling assistance to cyclists, Falco enables them to more smartly track their energy output and reach fitness goals. Are there other ways that bikes can use smart tech to personalize the experience for each rider?



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