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Sustainable fashion | Photo source Pexels

E-commerce platform brings together sustainable fashion brands

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Access to sustainable fashion becomes far easier with this e-commerce platform made up solely of sustainable brands.

Spotted: The fashion industry is by its very nature constantly changing, reflecting how fashion trends are also continuously in flux. Innovations in the sector often seek to help consumers deal with problems. An example already covered by Springwise is a scarf that protects the wearer from air pollution, or shoes made from sustainable materials. Yet now a platform seeks to address problems directly in fashion, rather than those external to the industry.

Antibad is an e-commerce platform set up by erstwhile buyer at Burberry, Agatha Lingott. Launching in April 2018, her dream was to create “a hub for earth-and human-friendly fashion across both vintage and new labels”. She also specifically wanted to counteract the idea that sustainable fashion was not as glamorous or attractive as mainstream fashion. The site acts as an online platform for more than 25 independent fashion brands. These range from established American brands to less well-known brands as well.

The products are also diverse, from footwear to swimwear, denim to office clothing. What they all have in common, however, is their consideration for their environmental impact and sustainability. Antibad is highly selective with the brands they carry, doing in-depth analysis to make sure every brand is truly sustainable. An issue that they often hit, for example, is companies that use part reclaimed fabrics, yet also part synthetic, thereby not being wholly sustainable.



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