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E-commerce site launches soccer shirt vending machines in Brazil


Sporting goods e-commerce site Netshoes has installed soccer shirt vending machines in subways stations and universities in Sao Paulo.

Online shopping may enable instantaneous, impulse purchases, but there is nothing as seamless and immediate as the vending machine. Working on that principle, Netshoes, the Brazilian sporting goods e-commerce site installed vending machines in subway stations and universities in Sao Paulo, in the hope of encouraging impulse purchases of the official Brazil national soccer team shirt. The sports-kit is available alongside items such as snacks, hot drinks and bouquets of flowers — which are regularly purchased from such machines.

The shirt costs 229,90 Brazilian Real — approximately USD 72 — and can be bought with cash, credit or debit card, with the option for the buyer to pay in installments. What other mid-level retailers can benefit from vending machines?



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