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E-ink signs | Photo source Pixabay

E-ink signs on trucks show area ads, traffic and weather


With Mercedes and Visionect, German company launched connected, e-paper signs on trucks that show real-time, local information and ads.

With vast amounts of space for signage and captive audiences, trucks have the potential to be extremely valuable rolling billboards. Germany’s RoadAds Interactive’s connected e-ink signs meet the challenge of keeping trailer billboards relevant, even on the move. The digital signs on the back of truck trailers provide real-time traffic and weather information, as well as location-specific advertising.

Developed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz and Visionect, RoadAds are updated via wifi and GPS and are powered by the truck’s battery. Ads and information change depending on truck location, and the waterproof signs are designed specifically for use in direct sunlight and varied weather conditions. Five connected trucks will take to the roads in November, with full commercial availability of the signs planned for June 2017.

The immense distances traversed by long-haul trucks provide particularly expansive opportunities for innovation, particularly in safety. Self-driving trucks, and helping drivers avoid texting while behind the wheel, like this radio station that reads messages on air, help keep drivers connected and safe. How could far-flung transport industry developments be used to assist urban planners?



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