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Sneakers display personalized animations on demand

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ShiftWear sneakers feature e-ink displays that users can customize on the go in an app.

As brands offer increasingly customizable clothing, consumers can 3D print the perfect fit shoes and download self-designed dresses. ShiftWear is now offering hackable sneakers using e-ink.

The outer of the sneaker is finished with a high quality e-ink display capable of showing detailed artwork or shifting animations. Designs are downloadable from an app, where users can upload custom artwork and receive a profit when their creations are used by others. The shoes use eco-friendly, rechargeable kinetic batteries that keep the screens powered from movement. Designed for durability, the soles contain kevlar and the shoes are waterproof. Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, backers can receive a pair of ShiftWear sneakers with a pledge of USD 150.

With instantly updatable displays, ShiftWear’s sneakers enable wearers to sustainably stay on top of the latest trends in fast fashion. Could businesses offer discounts in return for advertising on the shoes?



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