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E-paper watch features 24 designs at the push of a button

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From Japan, the FES Watch uses e-paper surfaces to enable wearers to pick a new design whenever they want.

Wristwatches are fast coming into fashion again thanks to a digital makeover that's set to add a slew of smart functionality. For those who don't want to end up checking their wrists just as often as they check their phones, there are still designers innovating in the field of watches that simply tell the time. We recently wrote about the Everyday Watch Kickstarter, which offered backers a single timepiece with customizable straps and clock faces. Now the FES Watch is aiming to do something similar, using e-paper surfaces to enable wearers to pick a new design whenever they want.

Developed by Takt Project for the Japan-based Fashion Entertainments startup collective, the device is designed to look like a standard wristwatch, with a circular face and sleek rubber strap. However, the face and wristband form a single flexible e-paper display that's used to show the time as well as the design. The FES Watch features a button on the side which smoothly cycles through the 24 possible display options. Users can choose to have a black or white face, to show the individual minute and hour markings or go for a minimal look, and even change the strap to snakeskin or brickwork patterns. An embedded motion sensor also preserves battery life by turning the display off until wearers tilt or lift their arm to check the time.

Watch the video below (in Japanese) to see how the watch works:

The FES Watch uses new technology to offer customers an element of customization for the traditional time-telling wristwatch, without the bloated features of a smartwatch. There’s currently no word on when it might hit the market, or how much it will be. Are there other ways that technology can help redesign existing products without abandoning their original function?



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