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Eco confetti turns into wildflowers

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Netherlands-based gift store niko niko's Throw & Grow event confetti grows into wildflowers after it's been used.

Eco-minded consumers aren’t going to throw away their ideals when it comes to planning a wedding, and we’ve already seen the Portovert magazine provide ideas for green brides and grooms. Now Netherlands-based gift store niko niko is offering Throw & Grow event confetti, which grows into wildflowers after it’s been used. Available in ten different colors, the confetti is made of biodegradable material embedded with wildflower seeds. When the confetti is thrown, it can be left to naturally disintegrate and if it lands on fertile soil then it may eventually grow into plantlife. The Throw & Grow confetti is currently available from the niko niko store as a Gift Box for EUR 11.95 or a Party Box for EUR 19.95. Throw & Grow confetti enables those organizing weddings and other celebrations to forget about having to clean up while also benefitting the environment. How else can big events be made more green? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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